Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Andhra Politcs: On the Verge of a Political Earthquake.

Andhra Pradesh: Jagan, Telangana, catastrophe, democracy, prison. They want revolution.

Let’s stop parroting what the newspapers say, television shows and the powerful want us to believe. The point is neither to agree at all costs nor to convert everything, but it is to try to speak with our mouth, our words, our pains and our hopes.

War… or revolution
The beginning of the forces loyal to Sonia Congress bombardments against Jagan marked a fatal step. At the beginning, what was undoubtedly an armed insurrection of a significant part of the politicians against Jagan, is slowly transformed into a war. Apart from some self-organized forms of resistance from Jagan Reddy, all kinds of authority define this case against YS Jagan as ‘irregular’. And it is not by chance that the ‘irregulars’ in Andhra Pradesh have always been very suspicious towards the ‘official opposition-TDP’, which has copied the hierarchies, grades and structures of the high command of Congress Party. YS Jagan with his New uniforms, new leaders and new authorities constitute hope for new social structures and new privileges. Today in Andhra Pradesh the question is to support Jagan Reddy in all possible ways, who have struggled and who will struggle again in the future for a deep change. As a YSRCP member said, the question is to refuse power’s blackmail – be it Congress, the official opposition or CBI – which intends to suffocate the possibility of revolution by pushing towards a merely political war. Let’s never forget those who have died while struggling for Telangana and have challenged a monstrous regime by relying on their strength only, putting their life at risk.

Catastrophe… or revolution 

What happened with Jagan Reddy is not a political disaster but a social catastrophe. What happened in Andhra Pradesh is not a disgraceful incident but the sad consequences of a State full of Disgraceful So-called leaders that vomit poison., scattered everywhere, who have heavily and tragically mortgaged life and freedom in the state, by obeying only to the quest for more profit for the powerful and the rich. After Jagan Reddy being sent to prison and putting the interests of capitalist Sonia Gandhi ahead of everything else, the State Government now presents itself as the sole actor able to sort the situation out, to manage the disaster and to ‘help people’. By implementing an oppressed regime in Telangana the State is trying to strengthen its grip on the population. Frightened by the even too real poverty threat, people are running towards their saviour…YS Jagan. But the cause of a problem cannot be at the same time its solution; if the cause continues to exist, the problems grow. And the problem is not so much political disasters but this State with opportunistic and deceitful leaders. The point is either to continue to make the catastrophe permanent in this State or radically change road, dethrone economy and its king the money, stop believing scientists and experts in order to find solutions to problems they themselves created, and invent new ways of living together

Democracy… or revolution 

After the cries of victory coming from Kadapa and Nellore, cries that our media transformed into a homage to Congress and TDP, Sonia’s troops are relentlessly again shooting at Jagan in revolt. who struggled for much more than a simple change of regime, various political and religious rackets are doing their best to recuperate and channel anger into filthy discussions caste and religion. But, in spite of growing repression, fights keep on.
Everything is being tried in order to make people forget YS Jagan and YSR.. But Even the powerful of everywhere, be them democratic or dictatorial, rude or gentle, ferocious or human, fear most one thing: a social revolution which puts an end to the causes of exploitation and oppression. And that revolution is YS Jagan.

Prison… or revolution

For those who choose to struggle for freedom, real freedom, in the end there are only two answers from their enemies: bullets or prison. Charged with ‘Illegal Assets, he is imprisoned by the State, which hopes to suppress YSRCP.
If we are talking about Jagan Reddy it is because we recognize ourselves in those struggles and because we share, beyond Families, Our desire for a Better State which pushes Jagan to struggle by words and deeds. No prison will ever stop his struggle for Andhra Pradesh. Solidarity with the YS Jagan and YSRCP continuing, always continuing, with hope in our hearts and clenched fits.
Let’s give fire to the revoution. May the wind of YS Jagan blow, may the tempest of insurrection rage.

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